Hope Bible Institute

Hope Bible Institute is committed to offering online theological training to those who are positive towards Bible doctrine. This school is different in that it does not charge for courses. The only cost will be for books purchased for courses.

The objective of Hope Bible Institute is to provide theological education for every believer. HBI offers Biblical education from an academic-doctrinal and free grace perspective.


Here are some of the unique features that make HBI distinctive.

  • HBI aims to combine the academic learning of a solid Biblical education with discipleship in mind.
  • HBI is a ministry, not a business, so it is supported entirely by gifts. There are no tuition and fees for our online program. However, students are encouraged to give generously.
  • HBI is a ministry whose authority resides in the Bible. The motivation for the spiritual life comes through internal, spiritual vitality, rather than through external, physical coercion. Consequently, HBI neither has nor needs any legalistic rules and regulations. Such manmade rules are well intentioned, but they are not the Biblical method for achieving godliness and spirituality. It’s only through constant exposure to God’s Word can we expect spiritual momentum and maturation to occur (Rom.12:2).
  • HBI gives the students a tremendous amount of flexibility and opportunity. Students can start their study at any time, go as fast or as slow as they want, and can do their study at any location.
  • HBI is a church based Bible Institute. It is subject to the oversight of Church of Hope.

The primary study method of HBI is independent study. We design the course and show the student what tools he needs, but the student does the study. We show you which books to study, what goals to aim at, and how to do the study. We are especially interested in getting you to come to your own well-informed conclusions. Our students do their study by distance and communicate with us by e-mail.

HBI provides the highest quality of Biblical and theological education at the following levels:

  • Bible Certificate (Various subjects available)
  • Diploma in Theology (Comparable to a two year MA Seminary track)

You will find that HBI is not hard, because it takes you at your own level. You never “get in over your head.”  On the other hand, you will find that the academic demands of HBI are probably higher than many of the local Bible colleges or seminaries. One reason for this is that the student is expected to master the material. So, if you are looking for an easier way to get a diploma, anyplace else would be “better” for you. But if you are looking for an easier or better way to learn and master the material, then you don’t need to look any further. The important thing to consider is whether the student is learning at the best of his ability, whether he is mastering the material, and whether he is learning what he really needs to learn. At HBI all three of these important principles are fulfilled.

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Consider Partnering With Us!

Please consider supporting the ongoing work of Hope Bible Institute.  Because HBI is under the oversight of Church of Hope, all support and online giving will first go directly to Church of Hope for accounting purposes which will then be disbursed to HBI for its full operation and ministry objectives.

Hope Bible Institute (HBI) is in need of partners who will help us sustain the organization and ministry objectives.  This in turn will allow us to benefit the communities we reach in the Philippines and abroad. For this to be possible, HBI is looking for individuals and businesses that would be willing to support our cause monetarily and prayerfully.

Monetary donations are tax deductible (Tax ID 33-0949216).  Receipts for donations are available upon request.

We hope that we can count on you to help support our cause.


Checks and money orders can be sent to our mailing address.  Make checks payable to Church of Hope and put HBI on memo.

Church of Hope / Hope Bible Institute
28771 Los Alisos Blvd Ste 3 #110
Mission Viejo, CA 92692