Saturday Night Bible Class

Tonight we deviated from our normal study on Christian Suffering.  Instead, we examined 1 Jn 2:3-11.    We made some excellent observations and concluded in prayer.  Our family from Canada joined in using Skype.  They enjoyed it and expressed an interest in doing this every Saturday.  This is excellent.

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Sunday Service – John Niemela

Today, John Niemela was our guest speaker.  He was well received as always.  John was one of my teachers when I attended Chafer Theological Seminary.  He was known to us students as the Exegetical Bible Answer Man.  John and Diane are now proud grandparents to Sophia Grace.  Lord willing, John […]

By |July 26th, 2015|

Nanay’s Homegoing…

Today, my wife and I, along with Emily and Josh, attended Nanay’s funeral. It was one of those bittersweet moments. We were impacted by her passing, and yet we rejoice because we know where she is.

We saw many friends from the past which made it seem like […]

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Friendship Sunday – July 5

Today, I covered Romans 13:1-4. We are all subject to the governing authorities according to this passage. Near the end, I gave my thoughts on how we ought to address the SSM which was legalized on June 26th.

You can watch the video here: Subject to […]

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COH Service (June 28)

Steve Mahoney took us through chapters nine and ten and did a great job once again. I’m amazed on how much Steve has committed to memory. This gift is truly an asset to our ministry.

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Bible Class

On Wednesday, we had an excellent time of Q&A while learning more about each other and how God has worked in our lives. We can truly see how the application of God’s Word is superior to our own way of dealing with things.

On Thursday night, we made more […]

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Hope Bible Institute (Philippines)

We had another exciting time together this morning. Our class in the Philippines is truly remarkable. Their love for God and His Word is evident every time we Skype for class. Some of them commute close to one hour just to meet. Talk about commitment. Bob and […]

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Father’s Day

Today was a special time indeed. We were able to greet the Father’s right after the message. They each received something special as a taken of appreciation for all that they do for their families. Some of the kids even shared how much they love and […]

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Friday Night Bible Class

Tonight was a good class. We all agreed that the questions we are going through (as per the material we are using) are important for couples considering marriage. Though we might not agree with all of the questions that the author believes is important to ask, we at […]

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Thursday Night (HBI)

Our first hour we covered key points from the book of Revelation. We have several people who faithfully follow this class online. People seem to be interested in end time events, especially with all that has been happening around us lately.

Our HBI class was extra […]

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