Church of Hope

Our objective as a local assembly is to reach and teach as commanded in the Word of God. For the lost, we evangelize.  For the believer, we instruct and equip using the Word of God. We believe that salvation is a “gift” which can never be earned by our good works. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.
Church of Hope is independent and denominationally unaffiliated. Our focus is on the teaching of the Word of God. 

In our day and age, there has been much confusion regarding the subject of spirituality. Spirituality is open to all believers, just as salvation is open to all humanity. Spirituality is available as salvation is available, but it is specifically for those in Christ.  In the broadest sense of the word, spirituality is being properly adjusted to God the Holy Spirit. Power to engage the internal and external challenges of life are the direct consequence of the “filling” ministry of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s empowerment in the life of a believer is an example of spirituality. The believer through much discipline is able to recall the promises of God and apply them to any given situation. The result is inner happiness and perfect peace (stability). Christianity on the other hand is based on a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is realized when a person receives Christ as Savior.

We encourage believers to exhibit “fruit” to back up the root. In other words, though we are saved solely by grace, we challenge believers to live their lives as unto God. The motivation is out of obedience which reflects our love for Him (John 14:15, 21, 23). We work because that is our desire, not because of fear.

The sad reality in most modern day churches is that they short change the congregation by failing to “teach” the Word of God. Some pastors develop and build their teachings based on what people want to hear.  The trend today is to be a good orator and get people to come back by speaking on subjects that appeal to the emotions. When led to its logical conclusion what you have is sheep dictating to the pastor what they believe is important to hear. The result is an anemic church unable to stand all on its own.

Today, if you’re not sure where you stand with regards to eternal life, you can make the adjustment right now. The moment you believe in Christ as the guarantor of eternal life, you have passed from death unto life.